3 out of 4 Cars Need Service

According to National Oil and Lube News the results of vehicle inspections held at community car care events across the country during Car Care Months in April and October 2012 revealed that 77% of vehicles need service or parts. An annual analysis of vehicle inspections forms found the top three problem areas posting the highest failure rates to be engine oil (22%), engine cooling systems (20%), and brake service (18%).
8% of vehicles had the check engine light on, and new air filters were needed in 19% of the vehicles. At least one belt was reported as unsatisfactory in 14% of the vehicles inspected, and 10% required at least one new hose. Battery cables, clamps and terminals needed maintenance in 11% of the vehicles inspected, while 19% of the batteries were not properly held down.
When checking lubricants and fluids, the top 3 failure rates were: low or dirty motor oil at 22%; low, leaky, or dirty coolant at 20%; inadequate brake fluid levels at 18%. Power steering, coolant and transmission fluids were also checked and had failure rates of 14% or below.
Approximately 14% of vehicles had front windshield wiper failures, and 1% needed service to rear wipers. At least 13% of vehicles needed lights replaces, including headlights, brake lights, and license plate lights. Improperly inflated tires were found on 9% of the cars, and 10% had worn tread and were in need of replacement. The tire pressure failure rate has steadily declined after recording the highest rate of 54% in 2003.
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